RoRo Skip Hire

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What is a RoRo skip?

Roll on, roll off skips, called RoRo skips, are large industrial sized skips. They are the largest size available and are used for big projects with lots of waste such as full home renovations or demolition. A RoRo skip holds the equivalent of 200 bin bags of waste. They often have an opening at one end for easy loading of waste.

What are the benefits of a RoRo skip?

For large projects, ordering a RoRo skip will be more cost effective than ordering multiple smaller skips. It can also save time as there is no waiting for a filled skip to be collected and an empty one to be delivered. Due to the larger size, the positioning of a RoRo skip needs to be considered before delivery.

Book a roll-off roll-on skip

As they are a specialist skip, make sure you book as early as possible to make sure you get what you want. Call us to book your skip or complete the online form today.

Can anything be loaded on a RoRo skip?

As they are used for large-scale building projects, RoRo skips can be loaded with rubble, metals, garden waste and stone. General waste and furniture can also be placed in these giant skips. Hazardous waste of any kind cannot be loaded into the skip – separate arrangement must be made for this.

Booking conditions for a roll on roll off skip

Skips are booked for up to 14 days for the same cost. With a large-scale project, you may need the skip onsite for longer so get in contact with us to arrange this.

Normally, all skips are delivered between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm on work days.

Skips should be positioned on private land with access for delivery. A RoRo skip can be placed on the public highway if necessary but a permit must be applied for in advance. The permits are provided by the local council and the costs are extra to the skip hire fee. You are responsible for getting the permit.