Skip Hire Price Guide

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How much does it cost to hire a skip?

When you’ve got a lot of waste to get rid of, it makes sense to hire a skip. Booking a skip is simple and quick. On your chosen day, the empty skip is delivered to your door ready to be loaded with your waste. When you have filled the skip and you’re ready for it to be taken away, the waste is collected and removed. But what how much does a skip cost – what is the normal skip hire price?

The average skip hire price in the UK

The price of hiring a skip can go up and down a little. It can also vary in different areas but it’s useful to know the approximate price you can expect to pay.

Skip sizeApprox. Price
4 yard skip£120 to £180
6 yard skip£150 to £250
8 yard skip£160 to £350
12 yard skip£300 to £450
16 yard skip£320 upwards
Roll on Roll of skip£350 upwards

The convenience of having your waste taken away might be cheaper than you thought. With a rough idea of the normal skip hire price you can book what you need with confidence.

What size skip do I need?

If you haven’t ordered a skip before, the different sizes of skip won’t mean anything to you. You’ll need a rough guide to the different skip sizes and the amount of waste they will hold.

  • A 4 yard skip is sometimes called a midi skip and it holds the equivalent of 30 to 40 black rubbish bags. It’s the ideal size for smaller DIY projects, a shed clear out or partial room renovation. The sides of this size skip are low making is very easy to load.
  • A 6 yard skip is often called a ‘small builders skip’ and holds the equivalent of 50 to 60 black rubbish bags. It’s a great size for larger DIY projects, a garage clear out or bathroom renovation. The sides of this skip are just over waist high making it reasonably easy to load.
  • An 8 yard skip is known as a ‘traditional builders skip’ and is one of the more common sizes hired. It holds the equivalent of 60 to 80 black rubbish bags. It’s the best size for bigger renovation projects, office clearances or garden landscaping. The sides are higher so it can be difficult to load heavy materials into this skip.
  • A 12 yard skip is one the largest skips regularly available and is ideal for complete renovations, major building project or house clearances. It takes the equivalent of 80 to 100 black rubbish bags. The sides are very high and therefore more difficult to load without a ramp of some kind.
  • Roll on roll off skips are frequently called roro skips. They are industrial size skips and are used for demolition and major building projects. It will hold the equivalent of 200 black rubbish bags of rubbish. These skips are delivered on a specialised truck.

Why does the skip hire price vary?

There are a few reasons why the cost to hire a skip varies. One factor will be the location. Some parts of the UK charge more than others – you’ll pay more in London than you will in Scotland for example. Statistically, those in the south of the country pay more for waste removal than those in the north. If there are more competitors in your area, lower prices will be offered as businesses scramble to attract customers.

How long can I have the skip for?

Generally, the skip hire price includes keeping the skip for up to 14 days. If you only want it for a few days, the price is usually the same. If you want to hire the skip for longer than 2 weeks, ask if this is possible before you book in case there is an additional charge.

Things to consider when hiring a skip

When it comes to ordering your skip, you will naturally want to go for the cheapest option out there. Of course, the skip hire price is lower for the smallest skips but is this the right one for you? You’d be surprised how quickly your skip starts filling up so don’t underestimate how much room you’ll need. It’s a false economy to order a small skip that only takes half your waste. If you’re not sure, you can discuss your requirements with an expert or go for a slightly larger skip to give you sufficient space.

The larger the skip is, the higher the sides are. Think about what you are loading into the skip and whether this is possible with higher sides.

Skips have a maximum weight limit so if you have to get rid of rubble, bricks, metal or soil, you should discuss this before you order a skip. There will be a specific size you can order for this type of heavy material.

You cannot load your skip with hazardous waste, electrical appliances, paint and plasterboard. These items need to be recycled separately.

Pick a reputable skip hire company

Waste disposal in the UK is regulated. Councils and the Environment Agency can give out fines if the regulations are not adhered to. If you pay someone to remove your waste, and they don’t do it legally, you could end up with the fine even though you employed them to do it properly. The way to make sure you don’t end up with a fine is to book a skip from a licenced company who will dispose of the waste correctly.

What happens to the waste in a skip?

The contents of a skip doesn’t all end up in landfill. Included in the skip hire price is a sorting and recycling process. Most skips are taken to a waste management centre. The contents are then separated into different types of material. Some of the material is recycled or re-used. Garden waste is mulched and metal recycled for example.

Do I need a permit to hire a skip?

For normal skip hire, a permit or licence is not needed. Ideally, your skip is placed onto private land when it is delivered. This is usually a driveway or garden. If you don’t have a suitable area, the skip can be placed on the road but you will need a permit. Permits are available from the local council and the application process varies. The permit is your responsibility and the fee isn’t included in the skip hire price. If you have to put your skip on the public highway, check what you need to do with your local authority before you book. If you don’t have the proper paperwork in place, you could be liable for a fine. The application process is usually simple and easy to complete and costs around £25.